Pet Surgery
Lee’s Summit


Spaying/Neutering your pet prevents unwanted pregnancies, breast cancer (most effective if done prior to the first heat cycle), uterine infections, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer and removes the “drive” for your pet to wonder for mating purposes. Our spay and neuter clinic in Lee’s Summit offers surgical packages that include: Pre-anesthetic exam, preoperative blood work, intravenous fluids, endotracheal intubation with gas anesthesia, cardiac and respiratory monitoring, recovery room, postoperative pain medication and pain medication to go home with your pet.


If you feel declawing your cat is the best option for your family, we use electric cautery for this surgery. Electric cautery minimizes bleeding and pain by cauterizing blood vessels and nerves. To minimize discomfort cats and kittens are given injectable pain medication as well as a local pain block. Your cat will stay 2 nights after this procedure for close monitoring.


Skin tags, cysts, fatty tumors and any number of external growths on your pet can be removed with surgical procedures. Not all growths need to be removed, so consult your doctor for any advice or concern you have with your pet.


These types of surgeries are not uncommon procedures in veterinary medicine. Canine and Felines suffer from stones and can be removed surgically by our doctors.

*Intestinal foreign body removals
*Limited orthopedic surgeries

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